Penn Engineering Group, P.C.

Pressure Pulsation Analysis Of Compressor Piping Systems

  • Up-front sizing of pressure pulsation vessels to facilitate compressor lay-out
  • Recommendations on inlet and outlet locations to minimize shaking forces
  • Pulsation attenuation with Piping Orifices
  • Analysis of piping system pressure pulsations and recommendations to meet requirements of API-618
  • Calculation of Pressure Pulsation Suppression Vessel Unbalanced Pressure Pulsation Forces
  • Effect of Cylinder Gas-passage pressure pulsations on Compressor Cylinder Performance
  • Pulsations and Low Compression ratio Services
  • Pulsations with high mole weight gas mixtures
  • Reports with Recommendations
Pressure Pulsation Analysis requires the piping system be modeled properly.

Pressure pulsations are calculated at various places in the piping system and compared to recommended allowable pulsation levels at changes in piping directions and changes of flow pipe areas.


Pressure pulsations in the cylinder gas passages can have a deleterious effect on the cylinder Press-Volume card.  Pulsations can also effect operation of compressor cylinder valves and reduce their operating life.  Controlling these pulsations using orifices, or by controlling cylinder nozzle lengths and/or flow areas are techniques that can be used to minimize pulsations in and around the compressor cylinders.


Pressure pulsation suppression vessel internals can be designed to reduce problematic pulsations at selected frequencies to improve overall piping vibration.